About Our Company

Who we are

Brazz Construction Works Limited is a privately owned limited liability company registered in Ghana under the Company’s Act 163. The Company was registered on 21st June 1996 as general contractors with the license to undertake building construction, road construction, civil engineering works, plumbing and electrical works, amongst others. The company has however been in operation since 12th March 1991 as a subsidiary of its Parent Company Brazz Petro and Commodity Services Limited (BPCSL). BPCSL represented a Swiss Company, KAINES S.A. for the lifting of LSFO and supply of Petroleum products and crude oil to GNPC.

A brief history

Brazz Construction has been highly consistent since it began operations and has enjoyed steady growth since 1996. Boasting a workforce of between 110 -520, depending on the nature of projects being executed at any point in time, it is clear that Brazz Construction is dedicated to creating employment within the Ghanaian spectrum.

The Company began relatively small, inhabiting a 2 room office within the Osu district. With good management and helpful economic environment, the Company grew and constructed its own elaborate 3 storey headquarters, currently located at Westlands. This was a symbolic move for the company as it encompassed years of dedication and growth coupled with determination to survive in whatever economic setting, prevails.

The Company’s standards have always been maintained at an international level with extensive, local experience, hereby allowing Brazz to be amongst the leading construction companies within the country. The company has stood by and maintained it motto during the years of “quality on schedule” and ensures that projects are delivered in the allotted time. Brazz ensures that from project inception, to finished product maintenance, quality is the profound standard that runs through its services. It is the company’s ambition to grow and eventually move into the international spectrum, with Africa being the primary focus. The company is already looking into expanding into Angola and Gabon.


To ensure the growth and development of infrastructure at the highest quality but lowest cost.

The company has been dedicated over the years to providing quality developments all over the nation, in the regions that most fear to endeavour. With the importance and focus on agricultural development of Ghana, Brazz has looked to aid this development in the construction of many irrigation projects around the country. This is a prime example of the dedication the company has shown in the development of the country’s agenda.

Its vision is to be in the top five (5) biggest construction companies in Ghana. With this vision in mind, the company is looking to take up more high profile and privately funded projects in order to advance in its steps to be a more formidable venture in Ghana.

Residential Building

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Commercial buildings

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Our Directors

A company is nothing without its people. On that premise, Brazz has built itself on the best of human capital.

Mr. Tony Lamptey
Managing Director/ CEO
Tony manages the day to day activities on strategic initiatives and business development for Brazz Construction. Prior to founding Brazz Construction, Tony, A product of the University of Ghana, Legon, Tony initially studied biochemistry; he entered into farming, but due to his forceful nature he ventured into the business of dealing in crude oil and other petroleum products for several years. He later diverted into the purchase and supply of building materials to governmental organisations, from where his passion for the construction industry began to grow. He studied at UG again from 2000 and graduated with an MBA in Project Management in 2002.
Mrs Betty Lamptey
Deputy Managing Director/ Human Resource Director
Betty oversees the human resource affairs of the company and additionally serves as a deputy to Tony when he is unavailable. Betty a graduate in biochemistry from the University of Ghana, Legon, she started her career as a biology teacher, whiles operating a children’s clothing shop, before obtaining her masters in human resource and becoming full-time HR Director at Brazz Construction Works Limited.
Mr Emmanuel Baisie
Technical Director
With a Masters in engineering from the University of Russia, Emmanuel worked for over twenty (20) years as a supervisor in the State Construction Corporation in Ghana and rose to the rank of Managing Director. He then later joined the Brazz family when the corporation became redundant.